Need an Electric Panel Repair or Upgrade?

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You turn on your lights one morning and notice they're flickering. It's not because of loose lightbulbs-you checked-so you investigate your breaker panel. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but an electrician might find outdated wiring, worn connectors or another fire hazard.

If you notice similar electrical problems at your Sunrise, FL home, contact Gerhold Electric, Inc. right away for electric panel repair. We'll fix your electrical issue fast.

5 signs it's time for an electric panel upgrade

5 signs it's time for an electric panel upgrade

Sometimes, electric panel repair isn't sufficient to solve your electrical problems. You might need an electric panel upgrade if:

  1. Your breaker panel is old
  2. Your circuit breakers trip constantly or won't reset
  3. Your lights dim when you use high-voltage appliances
  4. You have lost electricity in part of your house
  5. You notice burn marks around your circuit breakers or outlets
If you notice any of these signs, call 754-581-4510 ASAP for emergency electrical services in Sunrise, FL

We'll handle the electrical work necessary for your electric panel upgrade, including providing all needed materials. Contact Gerhold Electric today to schedule an appointment.